"is anybody out there , , , ?" - A Virtual, Theatrical Experience

By Carlton V Bell II (other events)

3 Dates Through Sep 29, 2020

Note from the Playwright: 

“This piece cannot be categorized into any traditional medium, it lives beyond that. If at any point this piece feels cumbersome, lighten the load. This piece is the opposite of whatever you're used to, it lives in pure emotion. This piece doesn’t have a point to prove, it serves no purpose outside of expression. It’s unforgivable selfishness. The target audience is us. We owe no tact, no format, no explanation, no right or wrong. The stakes are always high, even in silence. The only happy ending is the one you make up for yourself to help you sleep tonight, it is designed to make you see, whether you like it or not."

with love, cj.